As Facebook continues to grow its user base, digital marketers are seeing it as a significant channel to reach their core audience. In this post, I’m going to show you some of the common Facebook advertising mistakes that you may be doing.

Most of these mistakes relate to not having an in-depth knowledge of features of the advertising platform. These mistakes can result in spending more on ad campaign and at the same time not reaching your intended audience.

Here goes the list of 5 common Facebook advertising mistakes that you can fix right away;

1. Using Boost Button For Advertising

General advice, never use the “Boost Button” to advertise. This button was created by Facebook as an alternative to Facebook Adverts and Power Editor in order to simplify advertising for beginners. In reality, it is more of a beginner’s trap!

It offers limited features such as very broad targeting which results in attracting an irrelevant audience causing inefficient ad spend with low conversion rates.

I would recommend every digital marketer, either beginner or intermediate to start using Facebook Power Editor (note: only works with chrome) from the start and to gradually take time to learn the tool rather than going with “Boost Button” right away.

Here is why boosting posts is not a good choice for advertising;

Limited Objectives
You can only set Post Engagement (Likes, comments, shares, etc.) and Website Visits as ad objectives. If you want to get more leads or boost sales you will not get the results you want because Facebook will only try to spend the budget you set to achieve post engagement and website visits.

Limited Features
It offers limited advert settings i.e. you can’t quickly duplicate ads for split testing or set placement options such as Messenger Ads or Audience Network. To get the most out of Facebook ad targeting, I still suggest you use Power Editor.

Limited Budget Control
You cannot set a daily budget through the boosted post. You can only set a lifetime budget, however, you can still set the number of days the advert can run. In Power Editor, you can schedule the daily budget and even schedule the time of day you want the ad to run.

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2. Not Using Facebook Custom Audiences

Many advertisers simply create campaigns without knowing who are their actual target audience and how to properly reach them. Custom Audience is a very powerful feature in Facebook’s arsenal and it is essential for retargeting purposes.

The feature can let you create custom audiences based on your website traffic, Facebook page engagement, video views or even based on your existing email list of your customers.

Using this feature will generate better results and engagement from audiences relevant to your business because these are the users that are interested in what you have to offer. It will also be cheaper to attract existing users than to try and get new ones.

Here are some interesting ways you can use custom audience feature;

Custom Audience From Existing Database
If you have an existing email list of your best customers, you can upload this list to Facebook and create a custom audience of these customers, whom you can later advertise to. Because these users are already your customers of your business this gives your ads a higher chance to convert them on a new product again.

Target Linkedin Connections
Not too many digital marketers know that they can actually use LinkedIn Connection Export feature to generate a file with all of their contacts’ names, numbers, and email addresses. You can filter out the contacts on the file by position, i.e. if you’re a B2B agency like DigitalHub, and need to communicate your services to potential clients such as marketing managers from different companies.

After exporting the list, you can upload it on the Custom Audience feature and then Facebook will match the list to its user base; after which you can begin to advertise to that custom audience. There is a big chance you are reading this post because you are connected to me on Linkedin 🙂 if not, let’s connect!

Create A Custom Audience Based On Website Activity
You can create a custom audience based on the pages users have visited on your website. For example, users who’ve purchased something from your website and seen the “Thank You” page, you can track and acquire this data by putting a Facebook Pixel on your website.

From website data, you can even get users who did not convert or users who are most active (spend the most time) on your website. All this data can be grouped in the custom audience feature and then be used to drive users down your sales funnel.

More about Facebook Custom Audience

3. Not Using Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Another great feature very few digital marketers use is Lookalike Audience feature. One way you can use it is when you are running an awareness campaign, rather than creating an audience based on interests, you can actually create lookalike audiences based on your existing email list or any custom audience (previously explained) that you have created.

Lookalike audience as the name implies will share the same characteristics of the custom audiences i.e. email list, website visitors, engaged users etc. If you have a custom audience of your existing clients, Facebook will find users that have same interests, demographics and other characteristics of the original group. This type of audience will be more likely to engage with your content or click on your ad.

4. Not Refreshing Ad Creative

After launching a campaign, some marketers leave ads always on and forget to change them over time. You should always look after the frequency stats of your advert. The frequency of more than 3-4 means that each user you’ve reached has looked at the ad three or four times. If the ad is not relevant to the user they may report it or simply don’t notice it anymore, this will increase the cost per click of your ad and decrease the ad quality score.

You should always try to refresh the creative or change the audience when you reach high-frequency rates. Of course this depends on what your goal of the campaign is, but in general, I never let the same ads run for too long, and I always try to refresh the creative and copy when the ad frequency increases.

5. Targeting A Broad Audience

Another Facebook advertising mistake digital marketers often make is targeting very a broad audience pool. Of course, if you have millions of dollars thrown at you, you can go ahead and blast it off to reach millions of people. But more often than not this is not the case, that is why you should always target your audience efficiently to get the best results out of your budget.

If you don’t have previous data available, you can use Facebook’s reach & frequency tool, to get a forecast of how many people you can reach based on the frequency you want and with the budget you have. Then within targeting try to narrow down your audience based on interests, city, age, and even behaviors; until you get the audience pool that you can more or less reach with your existing budget and gain better results for your campaign.

Trying to avoid above mistakes will result in higher engagement, CTR and better conversion rates from your advertising campaigns.

Your Turn! Try To Avoid These Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Try out above suggestions and avoid mistakes that most marketers make, let me know in comments how it goes, what results you will achieve and if you’ll have any questions on the way!

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