Facebook advertising can be a very powerful tool in your digital marketing mix if used correctly, however, it can also be a very expensive one if used incorrectly. One of the most effective features of the advertising platform is the ability to create a custom audience.

What Is Facebook Custom Audience?

Custom Audience is a group of Facebook users that are generated on the advertising platform based on different data inputs. These groups of audiences can be advertised with adverts relevant to their interests. These kinds of adverts will perform better and will generate higher CTR and conversions.

Custom Audience can be created based on different data which we will discuss in more detail:

Customer FileBased on existing first-party data that you have
Website trafficBased on activity on your website
App activity – Based on activity in your app
EngagementBased on user engagement with your Facebook business page

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Custom Audience Based On Customer Database

Using this option you can upload the list of people, emails, names, Facebook IDs and other personal information, and Facebook will try to find the users with same personal details and create a group which you can later advertise to. To do this, go to Audience page from your business manager Assets section

Facebook custom audience

Choose “Custom Audience” from the dropdown

custom audience dropdown

And choose Customer File from the list of options

Facebook custom audience

First, you have to choose whether you want to upload the list from the file or import the list through MailChimp account. Press the first option and you will get to the file upload page, where you can just drag and drop your CSV file with the list (The list should be in CSV file in order the upload to work) or just simply click the upload button and choose the file.

facebook power editor, Facebook advertising

As you can see from below screenshot, you can use all these 15 identifiers for your list, all you have to do is to name the first cell of the column accordingly.

custom audience identifiers

After you choose the file and press Next, you will get to preview your identifiers, if you have not named your columns, don’t worry, you can match the identifiers with columns on this page.

audience list of emails

Press Next and the file will be uploaded, click Done and that’s it!

In several minutes you will see how many users Facebook has found in its user database based on your list.

custom audience is ready

Tip: Custom audience is very useful if you have an existing customer base, and you want to advertise additional or new product offerings or certain discounts that you may have to these users first. Create a custom audience from this list and advertise to these people. It is always cheaper to sell to existing customers than to try to attract new ones.

Custom Audience Based On Website Traffic

Another great way to create a custom audience is by using your website traffic. If you have a Facebook pixel installed on your website, all the Facebook users that come to your website are tracked, and from these users, you can create custom audiences. Choose “Website Traffic” from the list…

Custom audiences

Choose Through this section you can create rules by which the visitors will be grouped into the audience

custom audience settings

Website Visitors – This will create an audience of all website visitors, you should also input the number of days the visitors will be in this audience, maximum number of days you can input is 180, this means that all the visitors that were on your website in the last 180 days will be included in this group.

website visitors

Specific Web Pages – Here you can adjust visitors of which pages you want to use in this group.

Tip: You can use this option to create an audience of people who bought something on your website and visited the /Thank-you page, that way you can advertise additional deals and discount to this people.

specific page visitors

Time spent – Create audience based on how active they are on your website, you can choose from top 25%, 10% or top 5% of most active users on your website.

Tip: Top 5% are the most active users on your website, so it makes sense to spend more budget remarketing to these users as they are more likely to convert.

facebook power editor

Custom Audience Based On App Activity

If you have an app and Facebook SDK setup than you can also create audiences based on user activity in your app. You have several types of app engagements to choose from.

audience by app activity

Anyone who opened the app – Track every user of the app, similar to web visitors, choose how many days the user stays in the audience.

facebook power editor

Most Active Users – same approach as for the web, choose Top 25%, 10% and 5% of most active users.

facebook power editor

Users By Purchase Amount – Track top users based on the in-app purchases

facebook power editor

Custom Audience Based On Facebook Page Engagement

This is more interesting part and relatively new addition to Facebook’s custom audience tool. Here you can group visitors based on their engagement with your Facebook business page.

facebook power editor

There are many options in this section to choose from, and we will cover each one of them.

facebook power editor

Video – You can choose a video that you published on Facebook and create an audience based on the user’s interaction with the video, you can choose from people who viewed only 10 seconds of the video, up to people who viewed 95% of the video. You have the ability to also choose the number of days the user stays in the audience, and it can be up to 365 days (Instead 180 days, the maximum number of web visitors).

Tip: I usually use video views custom audience for the Awareness stage of the marketing funnel, I go broad targeting with videos and then create a custom audience of users who watched 95% of videos. it is easier to filter out users that are interested in what you have to offer because nobody will watch a 30-second video if they are not interested in the content. I then remarket this audience to move them to the next, consideration stage of the funnel.

facebook power editor

Lead Form – People who viewed the Lead Ad form, you have three options here, users who opened the form, who opened but did not submit the form, and users who submitted the form.

facebook power editor

Full-Screen Experience – If you use Canvas ad format in your campaigns, this is a way to create an audience based on user interaction with your canvas ads. You choose the canvas, input maximum days since last engagement and group users based on opening the canvas, and clicking any links in the canvas.

audience by engagement

Facebook Page Engagement – I find this option really useful, before this the only way you could remarket to users, was if they visited your website, but now with this option, you have the ability to track and group users who interacted with your Facebook page, one way or another.

facebook page engagement

Users can be grouped by the overall engagement to page, every kind of engagement counts (Views, clicks, shares, comments etc…). Or you can be more specific and choose only people who visited your page, only users who engaged with posts or adverts, users who clicked on call to action button, users who sent a message to your page or users who saved one of your posts.

Tip: If you don’t have a website this is the perfect tool to use for remarketing, consider Facebook page engagement as a website visit, and remarket to these people to move them from awareness to consideration stage of their journey.

Instagram Page Engagement – Same settings as for Facebook page engagement. Choose the type of audience you want to create based on their interaction with your Instagram page.

instagram engagement

Event Engagement – Audience of users who engaged with one of your events, you can group them by their response, “Going” or “Interested”.

Tip: Create an audience of users who responded “Interested” and remarket them with additional details and benefits about the event, because these people are not yet convinced therefore require additional nurturing to convince them to attend it.

event engagement

Custom audience is a very powerful tool for remarketing and is a no-brainer for any marketer who seriously thinks about advertising on Facebook efficiently and wants to attract a relevant audience and generate conversions.

Your Turn To Give Custom Audience a Try!

Give the custom audience a try and let me know in comments what will be the outcome, also if you found this article useful be sure to share it with others.

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