You might have noticed that chatbots are becoming more and more popular. If you don’t know what chatbot is,  it’s a trained robotic system that can answer different questions, online, through messenger.

Bots can be trained to answer simple questions like weather forecast, movie sessions, exchange rates, etc;

Or complicated ones – questions that are customer oriented and that differ from person to person.

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Bots are becoming the biggest part of online traffic. Online traffic report made surprising conclusion – in 2016 human traffic fell below 50%, which means that bots became dominant and are slowly “taking over” humans. 🙄 This percentage is going to rise from time to time, thus now it’s a good time to start integrating bots into your business.

When To Start Using Chatbots

At first, you should evaluate whether it’s necessary for your business to start using chatbots.

  • If you receive questions or requests that are similar and your employees have to answer over and over again. Chatbots will eradicate this problem and customer will receive prepared answers to similar questions in no time.
  • If products, that you sell, are low involvement, like household items. For example, customers do not compare different brands of laundry detergents, they already know what they want to buy and in this situation, a bot will help them to buy the desired product very quickly.
  • If your customers need simple information, like the price of a certain product or service, bot can deliver requested info; More free information – more loyalty.

If above-mentioned situations are relevant to your business, then it’s better to create chatbot to make the customer experience better.

How Can Chatbots help Your Customers

Chatbots can provide improved, immediate and consistent customer experience:

  • Bot can help to shop – clients can refer to chatbot when they want to buy your product, bot might offer several options depending on their needs and then they can choose one.
  • Bot can help to order food – this feature is very common in chatbots, many food companies have bots for taking orders online.
  • Bot can accept payments – currently, chatbot only accepts payments from PayPal, if a customer has attached his/her PayPal information to Facebook, then chatbot can help to pay without sending to external websites…

…  and many, many more.

How Can Chatbots Benefit Your Digital Marketing

There are many ways chatbots can help you automate & boost your marketing efforts:

  • Available 24/7 – bots are available any time of the day. You don’t have to hire employees who will work in shifts in order to answers customers questions or claims.
  • Time saver – in order to serve many customers at the same time, you need to hire many employees, chatbot solves this problem by engaging to thousands of conversations at the same time.
  • Less expensive – it’s less expensive to create a bot that will serve customers than to hire a number of employees to do the same routine job.
  • Quick – Chatbot can look through and analyze large data faster than a specially trained person.
  • Get answer immediately – Customer doesn’t need to wait before he/she gets a response, chatbots reply immediately.
  • Better customer service – Chatbot is very patient and will never cause a problem when talking to a customer; it’s very polite and customer-oriented. Through chatbot, customer satisfaction will increase.
  • Gather and analyze data – Chatbot gathers the data of the customers that interact with it. By analyzing this information business can tailor its products to its customer needs.  
  • FUN – Last but not least, it’s always fun to talk to chatbots and many people might engage in the conversation just to see where it leads, but at least you get subscribers. 😉

Chatbots are cost-efficient, time-saving, trained computers. We are the witnesses of chatbot’s rise. They are getting more and more intelligent and businesses can start using them in many different ways. After reading the article, you may want to become one of the first adopters, here you can find tips on how to start your chatbot.

Your Turn! Give Chatbots a Try

Give it a shot, you can use services like to create a Chatbot just like ours, or you can always contact us and we will set it up for you!

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